Journalist says some Dems are ‘very concerned’ about Pelosi’s failure to strike a deal on COVID-19 relief

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has just been exposed by her friends in the mainstream media.

Breitbart reports that Susan Page, USA Today‘s Washington bureau chief, drew attention on Friday to the way Pelosi has handled negotiations with Republicans on a new coronavirus stimulus package, revealing that even some Democrats are “concerned” about her failure to strike “even a kind of a half-a-loaf deal.”

Democrats v. Democrats

Page’s remarks came on an appearance during PBS’ Washington Week.

“Well, some House Democrats, especially from moderate districts, have been very concerned about the failure to get together on even a kind of a half-a-loaf deal to get some more relief out there for the costs across the country of the pandemic,” Page said, according to Breitbart.

She went on: “But you know, the politics of that is complicated. And I think there was also a calculation by some Democrats that giving half a loaf, making a deal for aid, was likely to help President [Donald] Trump, to give him talking points and bragging rights about delivering more aid to people who need it.”

It was for that reason, Page said, that Pelosi has “slow-walked” talks with Republicans.

“I don’t think it’s — I think she wants to have a bill passed,” the USA Today journalist conceded, according to Breitbart. “Maybe she doesn’t want to have a bill passed just for — just quite yet. Maybe we’ll see that happen in the lame-duck session. That now seems more likely.”

The bottom line

Here, Page was clearly trying to paint the situation in the most favorable light that she could for the Democrats — but that’s a tall ask, especially considering how willing Republicans have been to negotiate on relief for Americans amid COVID-19.

Indeed, all Page really accomplished here was exposing the real reason why we still don’t have another stimulus package: Pelosi fears that such a package would help President Trump to get re-elected.

Of course, the speaker herself has stopped short of admitting to this, but a look at recent events proves it’s true.

In the latest development, President Trump — sensing that Pelosi really doesn’t want a deal, and instead just wants to give the appearance that she wants one — decided to come out in favor of a massive relief package, perhaps even “bigger” than what Democrats want. The move comes after months of the GOP and White House negotiators trying to bring the Dems’ proposed price tag down.

With this, Pelosi and company are left with only two options: either get stuck looking like they are holding up relief, or strike a deal with Republicans. If her past actions are any indication, however, it’s likely the House speaker will just give us yet another example of the Democratic Party putting politics before people. What a shame.

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