Journalist presses charges against Maxine Waters for alleged assault

Maxine Waters is finally facing some backlash for her behavior — but it is not coming from her fellow members of Congress.

After Waters struck a journalist, an assault complaint was filed against the congresswoman.

The Assault

Laura Loomer, a former journalist for Project Veritas, was trying to get an on-the-spot interview with Waters over her encouragement of attacks against Donald Trump’s Cabinet members.

According to Loomer, Maxine Waters put her hands on her several times throughout the interaction.

Loomer stated Waters pushed her hand away, then hit her in the face with some papers.

In addition to that, Loomer said one of Waters’ aides was trying to intimidate her as she tried to follow the congresswoman into the elevator.

See it all for yourself:

After the incident, Loomer said she was filing an assault complaint against Waters with the Capitol Police.

Too Far?

Did Maxine Waters go too far this time?

Waters’ childish behavior, sticking her tongue out at Loomer, is proof that something is seriously wrong with this woman.

It is highly unlikely, based on the footage, that anything will come of the assault charges — but that does not mean Waters was not wrong.

After her comments and this video footage, Waters’ fellow members of Congress need to step up and demand some type of justice.

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An apology by Waters at this point is senseless, because we know it would only be lip service.

Besides, it is not an apology we want, but rather: her seat in Congress!

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