Journalist claims Ronan Farrow tried to scuttle story on his adopted sister: Report

A fellow journalist claims that Ronan Farrow used his influence to prevent the publication of a story profiling his adopted sister, Soon-Yi Previn, Fox News reports.

According to reporter Daphne Merkin, her story ultimately did run in New York magazine, but not as a featured report, thanks to the efforts of Farrow.

Farrow is best known a blockbuster report published by The New Yorker in 2017 that exposed the long sexual assault and harassment history of Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein.

Cover-up alleged

According to Merkin, Farrow engaged in a cover-up when he used his influence in the world of journalism to suppress the story, as the New York Post reported, with Merkin’s editor telling her in an email, “Ronan is a powerful journalist now with lots of connections. It had absolutely influence on what we’re doing,” according to Fox.

The story in question involved an interview with Previn, an adopted daughter of actress Mia Farrow and now-wife of actor and director Woody Allen, who has long been at the center of allegations that he assaulted his adoptive daughter, Dylan Farrow.

Merkin claims that many members of the Farrow family put pressure on New York magazine to kill the piece, including Ronan himself.

Ronan Farrow has yet to publicly comment on the allegations that he tried to kill the story, and sources close to the journalist claim he simply wanted to understand the story better.

According to Fox, New York Magazine issued a statement its own, saying: “The decision not to put [the story] on the cover was an editorial decision by the magazine that had nothing to do with pressure from Ronan Farrow or the Farrow family.”

What’s the real story?

The extensive piece Merkin put together was an in-depth investigation that began with Mia Farrow’s adoption of Previn and detailed the early childhood experiences that Previn claimed were far from ideal.

The relationship between Previn and her adoptive mother was an extremely strained one, and Previn went as far as to allege that there was also physical and psychological abuse in Mia Farrow’s home.

The allegedly poor parental skills of Mia Farrow were corroborated in the piece by Previn’s adopted brother, Moses, and they may help explain the tragic life trajectories ultimately experienced by several of Farrow’s children and the troubling past the family was seemingly so desperate to hide.

It seems sadly ironic that the same journalist who was celebrated for helping bring a famous sexual predator to justice was apparently willing to help quash another story discussing possible abuse simply because it hit too close to home.

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