Journalist claims Jill Biden wants Kamala Harris out as VP

A conservative journalist claims First Lady Jill Biden is looking for a way to force Vice President Kamala Harris out of the picture as rumors continue to swirl over whether the current VP is gearing up to run at the top of the Democratic ticket herself come 2024.

The development comes by way of former U.S. Navy intelligence officer Jack Posobiec, who previously worked for One America News and now serves as senior editor of Human Events.

In a cryptic tweet posted Wednesday evening, he wrote simply, “Jill has been asking if there’s a process to remove a sitting VP.”

A longstanding feud?

In its own report on the development, Right Journalism said this isn’t the first time that Posobiec, who claims to have anonymous sources within the administration and White House, has claimed there’s a growing rift between the first lady and the office of the vice president.

And he isn’t the only one: A Politico report published in May seemed to suggest the first lady was infuriated by Harris’ “racist” attack on her husband during the first Democratic primary debate in 2019.

One example of the alleged feud dates back to June, when the president and first lady traveled to Europe after Harris had a disastrous trip to Central America. During an interview in Guatemala, when pressed on why she hadn’t visited the southern border amid a crisis there, Harris laughed and quipped that she also hadn’t visited Europe, either.

In a pair of tweets at that time, Posobiec asserted that Harris’ “comment about going to Europe was directed at Jill,” and insinuated that the first lady was the reason why the VP had been dispatched to Guatemala instead of the G-7 Summit in the U.K.

“That’s how bad it is”

As for Posobiec’s latest allegation, he gave more details during an appearance on former Trump adviser Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast while discussing the “decline” of Joe Biden’s administration.

“I told you before, Kamala Harris and her team are referring to [President Biden] as the Titanic behind his back,” Posobiec said, referencing the infamous luxury cruise liner that sank on its maiden voyage after striking an iceberg.

“I also got word that Jill Biden, over the weekend, was actually asking around if there’s any way to remove a sitting vice president from the United States,” he added. “That’s how bad it is in the White House.”

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