Fed-up GOP Rep. Jim Jordan threatens to force Rosenstein impeachment

Congressional members, at least some of them, are getting fed up with the lack of cooperation from the U.S. Justice Department.

GOP Congressman Jim Jordan is now threatening to impeach Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Holding Back

This entire narrative would just go away if the Justice Department would comply with requests made from the oversight committee.

Rather than turn over the requested documents, the Justice Department either completely ignores them or redacts so much of the documents they end up being useless.

Rep. Jordan stated, “If they don’t give us the information that we, as a separate and equal branch of the government are entitled to have in order to get answers for the American people, then we will actually call to vote for the impeachment of Rod Rosenstein.”

While the American people, at least most conservatives, are siding with Jordan, that is not the same sentiment held among his fellow lawmakers.

GOP Resistance

At the head of the group opposing Jordan is House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Ryan has conceded cooperation is not where it should be, but he says it is getting significantly better.

Furthermore, Ryan says he believes the violations by Rosenstein are not so grave that they demand an impeachment.

Jordan, though, is holding the line and at the very least, he wants to force an impeachment vote.

The way it looks, though, this would have very little chance of actually succeeding were it to come to a vote.

His counterpart throughout this impeachment quest, Rep. Mark Meadows, has even backed off.

A group of GOP lawmakers held meetings with Meadows after Jordan made his announcement and have since convinced him impeachment is not the best route to go down.

This sounds an awful lot like Washington elites protecting their own rather than doing their jobs.

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If Congress is entitled to these documents, how can the Justice Department continue to ignore their requests without repercussion?

And another pressing question: Where is the order from either Jeff Sessions or President Trump to demand these documents be handed over for review?

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