Jonathan Turley calls for special counsel appointment to investigate Hunter Biden

The mainstream media did an amazing job in burying the Hunter Biden laptop scandal prior to the 2020 presidential election, but now that some time has passed and left-leaning outlets see that President Joe Biden is failing the party, Hunter Biden is once again in the headlines.

According to Breitbart, Constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley recently suggested that the Biden family scandal is so consequential and deep that a special counsel should be appointed to get to the very bottom of it, especially relating to Joe Biden’s actual level of involvement. 

Many suspect that the president has repeatedly lied as far as how much he knows about his son’s shady foreign business deals, especially given the fact that we now know that the two have shared bank accounts and that witnesses have declared that Joe Biden is “the big guy” in Hunter Biden’s emails.

While high-profile Democrats, former intelligence agency heads, Big Tech social media, and liberal mainstream media outlets successfully protected the Bidens prior to and after the 2020 election, it appears as if that amazing shield of protection is now wearing off quickly.

Hunter Biden: No skills

At the core of the argument against Hunter Biden is the fact that he doesn’t specialize in anything other than the fact that his last name is Biden, and that his father was a U.S. senator, vice president, and now president.

Turley pointed out that the current president continues to deny having any involvement in his son’s questionable foreign business dealings, despite the “ample” evidence to the contrary.

The constitutional law expert wrote in a recent op-ed for The Hill: “The point is that President Biden really did not have to ask: Hunter Biden had nothing to sell but influence. All President Biden had to do to facilitate such schemes was to be accessible — to allow his family to deliver face-to-face meetings and photo ops.”

He continued: “It is hard to imagine a stronger case for a special counsel. Any effort to investigate Hunter Biden’s dealings will lead investigators to encounter repeated references to the president and how he may have benefited from those schemes.”

Turley, and others, fear that AG Merrick Garland will not dive deep into a Biden family investigation, even if ultimately pressured to launch one, making Turley’s call for a special counsel a realistic need.

The laptop from hell

It took a while, but a few weeks back The New York Times finally revealed that Hunter Biden’s laptop and its contents were, in fact, authentic. The Washington Post, just last week, finally admitted the same, but conveniently didn’t dive deep into any of the emails on the computer that pointed to the president’s involvement.

Some believe that given Biden’s plummeting approval numbers and overall dismal performance that Democrats and their mainstream media allies are carefully rolling out the investigation into Hunter Biden in order to take Joe Biden out of the running for another term sooner than later.

Only time will tell what ultimately comes of the developing news, but it appears as though the walls are finally starting to close in on the Biden crime family syndicate.

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