Jon Voight Destroys Biden: 'This is Now a War Against All of Us'

August 29, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Actor Jon Voight has issued a warning to America, more than a year before the next presidential election but just as Democrats have unleashed their full battery of weapons against President Donald Trump.

"What are we to do…. This is now a war against all of us," he said. "The Biden administration is a corrupt mob and the Obama administration fuels the cycle."

He continued, "Let me warn you all that this corrupt behavior against President Trump is the most disgusting scheme to try and keep him down. This is a horror.

"This system now allows criminals to steal from department stores and all they say is to watch and not do anything and this is ok, to sit and allow these monsters to destroy hard-working designers and retailers, my God.

"My fellow Americans this is a civil war, and this is the time we must stand for truths. If we don't see this, you, your children, your grandchildren, sisters, and brothers will all pay the price for this default. my God. Let us not beg, let us not steal, but allow God's truths to be yours and mine. Let us not hide our pride. but allow God's greatest truths to show the way. We must stand up for truths we lost, stand up for the gift that was given to all, the freedom that the American dream stood for. If we allow deceit against President Trump and allow this lie to win, we will all regret this."

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