Jon Stewart overvalued his home during a sale after criticizing Trump for overvaluing properties

 March 28, 2024

Former President Donald Trump's critics piled on when it was revealed that he valued his properties more than what they were likely worth in a case brought against him by New York AG Letitia James. 

However, some of those critics, including Jon Stewart, have been exposed as supreme hypocrites, as it turns out that overvaluing properties is not exclusive to Trump.

According to Breitbart, Stewart, who accused Trump of "lying" about his property values, reportedly overvalued his own New York home during a sale.

The liberal comedian is taking an absolute beating across social media in the wake of the report that he overvalued his home, and rightfully so.

Total hypocrite

Making matters even more embarrassing for Stewart is the fact that he dedicated an entire episode of Comedy Central’s "The Daily Show" to ridiculing Trump in his New York civil case brought by AG James, including taking specific shots at Trump for allegedly overvaluing his properties.

Breitbart noted:

On Monday’s show, Jon Stewart accused Trump of “lying”  about the valuation of some of his properties, claiming Trump’s “shenanigans cost the city of New York.”

Shortly after the program, a report emerged that revealed Stewart had once overvalued his previous New York-based residence by a staggering $16 million, or by 829%.

Breitbart added:

In 2014, the comedian reportedly sold his 6,280-square-foot Tribeca duplex to financier Parag Pande for $17.5 million. But, according to 2013-2014 assessor records obtained by The Post, the property had the estimated market value of only $1.882 million. The actual assessor valuation for property tax purposes was $847,174.

Even worse, Stewart paid taxes based on the assessor's valuation, which is exactly what he accused Trump of doing and ridiculed him for it.

Social media strikes

Users across social media torched Steward in the wake of the report going public.

"Just the latest case of glaring hypocrisy from our country’s liberal elite. As they say, 'rules for thee and not for me,'" one X user wrote.

Another X user wrote, "The left operates under different standards because they set the standards. It's not hypocrisy, it's hierarchy."

So far, Stewart has not responded to the report, but it'll be hilarious to watch him back peddle when he eventually does. \

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