Former GOP Rep. Jolly says Republican Party has an ‘anti-Christian theme’

For several decades now, the Democratic Party has grown increasingly hostile toward conservative Christian beliefs, leaving the Republican Party as the only major party to provide a welcome home for Christian conservatives.

Yet, a former Republican congressman turned liberal commentator, former Rep. David Jolly (R-FL), just accused the GOP of being an “anti-Christian” party and encouraged Democrats to reclaim the “faith argument” as its own, TheBlaze reported.

This claim was made even as Democrats are currently fighting tooth and nail to protect and expand abortion rights and allow for the fatal procedures to be performed on an unborn baby at any point during pregnancy while Republicans seek to defend the sanctity of life for those same unborn babies.

An “anti-Christian theme” in today’s GOP

The remarks were made Tuesday during a panel discussion on MSNBC about the primary elections in Georgia that day that focused on discussions of alleged “voter suppression” due to election integrity laws recently implemented in the state, according to Fox News.

“I would also say, I use these words carefully, but I started saying it more and more, there is an anti-Christian theme in today’s Republican Party,” Jolly said. “This whole ‘what would Jesus do’ constituency — absolutely not.”

“It is adverse to everything that Jesus would do,” he added. “I actually think what Democrats should do is call Republicans on their hypocrisy base rooted in faith, and take back that faith argument from a party today who is acting with values antithetical to the Christian and faith-based Evangelical movement.”

Former Republican shifted decidedly leftward

TheBlaze noted that Jolly was first elected to Congress from Florida as a Republican in 2014 but then lost that seat in the 2016 election to Democratic candidate Charlie Crist, who had previously served as Florida’s governor as a Republican but had transitioned to be an independent before finally joining the Democratic Party.

In 2018, Jolly formally announced that he was leaving the Republican Party, largely due to the GOP embrace of former President Donald Trump, and then established his own independent third party known as SAM — the Save America Movement.

Since that time, Fox News noted, the former Republican congressman has routinely sided with liberal Democrats to attack the GOP and malign ordinary Americans aligned with his former party.

That includes in 2019 when he labeled outspoken young conservative Kyle Kashuv, a survivor of the Parkland school shooting, as being a potential mass shooter himself, and in 2021 when he smeared as “real threats” and “maniacs” the parents who had voiced their concerns about public education issues at school board meetings nationwide.

An unintentional point, but still far off the mark

To be sure, Jolly may have had an unintentional point in that the GOP establishment, for all of its vows to its base of voters, is hardly adherent to Christian conservative beliefs and often seeks to distance itself somewhat from devout voters.

That said, the Democratic Party in no way, shape, or form is in any position to try and reclaim the “faith” mantle from its counterpart and it is nothing short of, at best, wishful thinking to suggest that those who hold Christian beliefs would be welcomed with open arms by most Democrats.

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