Man dressed as the ‘Joker’ on Halloween night stabs 17 people on Tokyo train

A horrific incident took place on Halloween night in Tokyo, Japan.

According to a Fox News report, a man dressed as the Joker character from Batman movies went on a horrific stabbing spree on a Tokyo train, injuring a number of innocent people as a result.  

The incident took place on a train known as the Keio express, according to the Daily Mail. At the time of the stabbing spree, the train was transporting passengers to Shinjuku, where many planned to participate in Halloween parties.

What happened?

On the train was a man donning the same makeup and clothing as the popular Batman movie villain, including the Joker’s notorious purple suit, glasses, and a green shirt. Reportedly, the suspect began terrorizing the train’s passengers with a “long knife,” and a vial of hydrochloric acid — a deadly substance.

At first, many passengers didn’t realize what was happening. Considering that it was Halloween evening, some reportedly thought it was some kind of elaborate stunt. However, when the attacker began waving his blood-soaked knife, terror broke out.

In videos posted to social media, the passengers can be seen running to the opposite end of the train to get as far away from the attacker as possible. Some even tried to climb out of the train’s windows in an attempt to escape danger.

At one point, the attacker spread some fluid on the ground lit a small fire on the train. As a result, the train immediately came to emergency stop, and police were able to apprehend the suspect.

The aftermath

As of this writing, it was reported that some 17 train passengers were injured during the bizarre attack. Three of those individuals are said to have been severely injured, including a man in his 60s who is said to still be in critical condition at a nearby hospital. So far, no fatalities have been reported.

The suspect, a 24-year-old male, is now in police custody. According to reports, the suspect offered a disturbing motive, reportedly telling police that he “wanted to kill people so he could be sentenced to death.”

Only time will tell if he gets his wish. For now, though, Tokyo authorities are conducting an investigation into the attack.

While mass shootings are rare in Tokyo, the city has experienced a rash of violent knife attacks in recent years.

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