John Walsh says Brian Laundrie likely escaped to Mexico or Bahamas, with parents’ help

Much of the search for the missing Brian Laundrie, the sole “person of interest” in the murder of girlfriend Gabby Petito, has been focused on the swampy and thickly wooded nature preserves near where he lived with his parents in Florida.

But one prominent private investigator, longtime fugitive hunter John Walsh, doesn’t think Laundrie is in Florida, but rather most likely in Mexico, though he also conceded that the Bahamas or the Appalachian Trail were also possible hideouts for the fugitive, the New York Post reported.

Walsh, formerly of “America’s Most Wanted” fame, who now hosts “In Pursuit with John Walsh” on Investigation Discovery, has also accused Laundrie’s parents and attorney of knowing the son’s whereabouts and aiding and abetting the fugitive’s escape from justice.

Walsh’s theories

Those actually aren’t new theories for Walsh, as he made the same claims about three weeks ago during an interview with WFLA‘s Ashleigh Banfield about Laundrie’s likely location and the possible complicity in his disappearance of both his parents and attorney.

Walsh explained his belief that Laundrie’s father, Chris, had helped his son Brian escape to Mexico by driving him up and across the Florida panhandle and through the other Gulf Coast states until they reached the Texas-Mexico border, after which Brian snuck across alone while Chris returned home to Florida.

Walsh also shared how he’d received a credible tip of a potential sighting of Laundrie in Freeport, Bahamas, which could be easily reached on a ferry boat from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, as well as somewhere along the Appalachian Trail that runs from Georgia to Maine along the East Coast — an area where Laundrie had previously bragged about living out of just a backpack for several months.

“Dirty Laundries”

As for the possible complicity of the parents, who Walsh derisively refers to as the “Dirty Laundries,” the investigator reiterated his belief that they played a role in their son’s disappearance during a recent appearance on Fox News.

He also once again shared his confidently expressed theory that Laundrie was not hiding in the nature preserves near his family’s home in Florida, but again mentioned the likelihood that, with his dad’s help, he had escaped to Mexico.

Proven track record

Obviously, there is no way to know right now whether Walsh’s theories regarding Laundrie’s actual location are correct or not, and his speculation may well be far off the mark.

That said, Walsh has been hunting wanted fugitives and recovering missing children for decades, with a decent track record of success to show for it, so his confident predictions shouldn’t be easily dismissed, and it may just be worthwhile for his claimed leads and tips to be taken seriously by law enforcement.

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