John Travolta remembers his late son Jett on his 32nd birthday

 April 14, 2024

On what would have been his 32nd birthday, John Travolta paid a poignant tribute to his late son Jett, according to Fox News.

John Travolta remembered his son Jett with a touching social media tribute on April 12, sharing memories of his life and the profound impact of his untimely death.

John Travolta, the acclaimed actor, shared an emotional post on social media commemorating the birthday of his son Jett, who passed away tragically in 2009. The post included a photograph of Travolta with his son and late wife, Kelly Preston, highlighting the lasting bond shared within the family.

Jett Travolta, the eldest son of John Travolta and Kelly Preston, died at the young age of 16 during a family vacation in the Bahamas. He suffered a seizure in a bathtub, which led to a fatal head injury.

This tragic event marked a significant moment of loss for the Travolta family, as Jett had been diagnosed with autism and had a history of seizures. His condition and sudden death brought about profound grief and challenges for his parents and siblings.

Family And Loss: The Travolta's Journey Through Grief

In an interview in 2014, John Travolta described the death of his son as "the worst thing that’s ever happened in my life." The depth of his pain was palpable as he expressed doubts about his ability to overcome the grief. Travolta said, "I didn’t know if I was going to make it."

During this intensely difficult time, Travolta turned to his faith for support. He credited the Church of Scientology with providing relentless support, stating, "I will forever be grateful to Scientology for supporting me for two years solid, I mean Monday through Sunday."

The techniques provided by the church, he noted, were critical in helping him navigate his grief and begin to process the immense loss of his son. This support was instrumental in allowing him to move forward with his life.

Remembering Jett Travolta Through Family Tributes

Jett's sister, Ella Travolta, also shared a message on social media, writing, "Happy Birthday Jetty." This simple yet heartfelt tribute reflects the ongoing remembrance of her brother within the family.

Rita Wilson, a family friend and actress, expressed her remembrance of both Jett and Kelly, who passed away in 2020 after a battle with breast cancer. "Will never forget him. Or Kelly," Wilson shared, highlighting the lasting memories of the individuals she cherished.

Kelly Preston's death added another layer of loss for the Travolta family, coming more than a decade after Jett's passing. She had fought breast cancer for two years before succumbing to the illness at the age of 57.

The Travolta Family Today: Coping and Healing

Today, John Travolta continues to raise his two other children, Ella, now 24, and Ben, now 13. The memory of Jett and Kelly remains a significant part of their lives, influencing their family dynamics and the way they honor their loved ones.

The actor's openness about his grief journey and the support systems that helped him cope have shed light on the processes of healing from intense personal tragedy. This has been particularly poignant for his fans and the public, who have witnessed his career and personal life evolve over the decades.

Continuing Legacy: John Travolta's Enduring Love For His Son

In his tribute, John Travolta wrote, "Happy birthday my Jetty - not a day goes by where you’re not with me!" These words encapsulate the enduring love of a father for his son, whose memory continues to inspire and influence his life.

This expression of undying love highlights the significant impact Jett had on his family and the void his passing left. It also underscores the importance of remembrance and the strength of family bonds in the face of adversity. As time passes, the Travolta family keeps the memory of Jett alive, celebrating his life and legacy in a way that honors his memory and supports each other through their continued grief.

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