John Solomon no longer paid contributor at Fox News: Reports

Investigative reporter John Solomon has been a regular feature on the Fox News Channel in recent years, particularly through his coverage of President Donald Trump’s impeachment and allegations of corruption surrounding Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his family’s international business dealings.

As the Daily Beast reported, however, those days appear to be over: the network has confirmed that Solomon is no longer a paid contributor to Fox. 

Accusations abound

Daily Beast writer Justin Baragona noted that Solomon had not been seen on the cable news channel since July.

Prior to that, he had been a regular guest on Hannity. More recently, Solomon has been appearing on Fox Business Network programs hosted by Lou Dobbs and Maria Bartiromo.

Solomon had not been referred to as a “contributor” since mid-October, however, and has subsequently been introduced only as an author or the editor-in-chief of Just the News.

Since being hired as a paid contributor in October 2019, he had been identified as both “contributor” and “investigative journalist” when appearing on the network. The latter label upset some leftist journalists who accused Solomon of spreading misinformation.

Even in announcing his apparent ouster from Fox News, Baragona went into detail in reference to previous colleagues’ apparent dislike for him and a perceived pattern of being pushed aside at a series of establishment news outlets.

Fox viewers tune in

Based on his reporting — as well as a related tweet — it would appear that the biggest issue to drawn the ire of fellow members of the media was his in-depth exploration of stories related to Ukraine and the Biden family.

For its part, the Daily Caller confirmed through its own reporting that Solomon was no longer a Fox News Channel paid contributor.

That report similarly documented Solomon’s travails with fellow journalists, particularly during his time at The Hill, which began in 2017 when he was hired as a digital media editor. He was later shifted to the outlet’s opinion desk — reportedly after complaints about his reporting from left-leaning colleagues.

Those complaints reportedly led to a review of Solomon’s work upon his exit from the company at the end of 2019, culminating in the determination that he had published “disinformation” for failing to provide proper context or disclosures.

At the time, The Hill urged Fox News to stop referring to him as an investigative journalist, but many viewers continued to rely on what they deemed legitimate reports based on his work. The recent news that he is no longer officially linked to the network, however, might further damage the brand’s sagging reputation among its once-loyal audience.

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