Cindy McCain Says Sen. John McCain Won’t Resign

Conservatives around the country have been waiting to hear updates on John McCain, and it has finally come through.

While rumors of his resignation have been running rampant, the McCain family squashed them late last week, with his wife tweeting out Senator John McCain is “doing fine” and has absolutely no plans to give up his seat.

His daughter, Meghan McCain, who is one of the co-hosts on The View, also fired a shot at fake news stories, telling them to “get a life.”

McCain’s Impact on Trump Administration

John McCain has made himself the mortal enemy of the Trump administration.

Because of this, his supporters have been monitoring the health status of McCain virtually every day.

McCain presents a huge obstacle on several fronts for Trump, most notably in immigration reform and the building of the wall.

McCain’s Future

Based on the reports from the family, it would appear John McCain will be remaining in his seat, at the very least, to finish out his current term.

If he fully recovers, it would be no surprise to seem him run at least one more time to continue to present obstacles for the Trump administration.

Unlike Others…

Some very notable Republicans have resigned from office rather than support President Trump, which has made Trump’s supporters very happy.

The most notable, of course, is Jeff Flake, who says he will give up his seat at the end of his current term.

While he says he never had any plans to run for President, his most recent moves tell a much different story.

Some Trump allies have even resigned, with Trey Gowdy being at the top of that list.

Gowdy seems to have become frustrated with Washington in general, and will not seek re-election.

McCain, however, seems content to battle Trump from within the Senate.

Several bills put forth by Congress and supported by the President have found their death in the Senate specifically because of McCain and the few allies he has remaining in office.

The Future

There is one more reason McCain staying in office will be important for not only Trump supporters and RINOs against Trump, but also Democrats.

If the Democrats somehow manage to get control of both the House and the Senate, they will have an ally in McCain for their efforts to impeach Trump.

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This is definitely something for voters to consider when they head to the voting booths for midterm elections.

As the man who turned over the Russian dossier to the FBI and who has stood tall against Trump at every opportunity, it is quite clear where McCain stands in this very volatile political environment.

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