John McCain is too sick to come to D.C. and vote for Trump’s court pick

President Trump’s SCOTUS appointee could come down to a single vote.

That vote, unfortunately, may never be cast because it belongs to Senator John McCain, who is too ill to travel to D.C. to cast his vote for Trump’s nominee.

Sitting on the Sidelines

John McCain has come under considerable fire post-cancer diagnosis.

So, we want to make it clear…

This is not about taking a cheap shot at McCain but rather about the importance of a single vote.

McCain is terminally ill with brain cancer.

At 81, there is slim hope he will ever be able to make it back to Washington.

That being the case, with so many important issues coming up before congressional and senate members, many are asking why he does not retire now.

We all know he does not always agree with Trump — in fact, he detests the man.

Having said that, they are actually on the same page on certain major issues.

Too Important

The approval of Trump’s Supreme Court nomination is one of the most significant votes the Senate will take in the upcoming days.

We know Democrats are proving to be more obstructionist than anything else these days.

With only one vote to spare, McCain’s vote could be the key to Trump’s nominee being approved or hitting a roadblock and being tied up in a filibuster.

The brutal reality here is that McCain is not doing his job.

Senators and Representatives are elected to office to represent their constituents, which they do by casting their votes on legislation and presidential appointments.

Due to his illness, McCain is unable to do this, robbing the people of Arizona of proper representation.

If there was any hope McCain was going to recover, his absence would be understandable, but that is not the case here.

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The man is a war hero and whether you agree with his politics or not, he has dedicated the bulk of his adult life to public service.

It would just be a shame to have his legacy tainted during his final days simply because he refuses to step down at a time when his vote, a single vote, has never been more important.

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