John McCain praises Trump over decision to expel Russian diplomats

Has John McCain started to change his stripes?

Shockingly, Trump’s nemesis John McCain actually sent out words of praise for President Trump for tossing dozens of Russian diplomats out of the country and holding Putin accountable for his actions.

Why They Were Tossed

Earlier this month, the Russians allegedly attacked Britain with a poison chemical weapon.

The outcry not only within our own country, but worldwide, was growing louder and Trump needed to make a stand against Putin… and he did in grand fashion.

Many of the so-called diplomats were actually suspected intelligence officers, so they needed to go anyway.

The Rivalry

The bitterness between McCain and Trump dates back to the primary race.

McCain was not exactly supportive of Trump becoming the Republican candidate.

Trump, in turn, started firing off insults at McCain.

The wounds were deep on both sides and while Trump has attempted to extend an olive branch to McCain on several occasions, McCain has rejected it completely.


When Trump eventually won the presidency and his agenda was revealed, it was quite evident he and McCain were on completely different pages.

McCain has proven to be a true RINO, fighting Trump on basic conservative beliefs as well as many of the fundamental promises he made to the American people.

One of the most notable differences McCain has had with conservatives is his sympathetic stance on undocumented immigrants.

McCain is clearly acting like a Democrat and pulling for more rights for undocumented immigrants to secure votes in future elections.

Additionally, he has continuously sided with the Democrat viewpoint that Trump winning this election was nothing more than a sham perpetrated by the Russians.

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The fact that McCain is actually publicly applauding Trump is a step in the right direction.

However, I would advise Trump not to turn his back on McCain, because he will stick a knife in it the second he gets the opportunity.

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