John McCain blames Trump and America for Syria’s chemical weapons attack

Only two days ago, we warned Trump not to turn his back on John McCain for fear of having a knife stuck in it… and that is exactly what McCain just did.

After hearing about the chemical weapon attack in Syria, McCain made a statement pinning the blame for the attack on President Trump.

The Blame Game

According to McCain, Trump making it clear he wants our troops our of Syria is what spurned the recent attack.

McCain believes Syrian President Bashar Assad has become “emboldened” by the administration’s stance.

The Senator also demanded military action be taken against Syria for the attack.


John McCain is once again posturing for the media and using this attack as a way to take another shot at Trump.

President Trump has already made it known that when the attackers are identified, they are going to pay a big price for this attack.

Senator McCain ripped Trump for making a tweet and questioning whether he will back up his tough talk.

His accusations are ludicrous, though, as history has shown Trump is more than willing to go to the mats when something like this happens.

History Backs Up Trump

Almost a year ago to the day, Khan Shaykhun carried out a chemical attack in Syria.

Three days after the April 4 attack, President Trump ordered a missile strike aimed at the Shayrat Airbase.

Almost five dozen missiles were launched from US ships in the Mediterranean Sea.

Both the USS Ross and the USS Porter were charged with carrying out the mission.

The mission was reported as a success, with all but one missile having executed a hit on its expected target.

Secretary of Defense Mattis claimed that roughly 20 percent of the operational aircraft for Syrian’s military had been destroyed.

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Mattis has already stated that military action is definitely on the table in retaliation to this most recent attack.

No doubt, we can expect an in-kind response from President Trump in the very near futures and hopefully, it will be enough to make McCain crawl back under his rock and keep his mouth shut.

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