John Kerry admits US alone can’t fix climate change: ‘We could go to zero tomorrow’

President Joe Biden’s so-called climate czar just made an unbelievable confession.

White House special climate envoy John Kerry admitted Wednesday that the issue of climate change wouldn’t be solved even if the United States were to achieve zero emissions, Breitbart reported.

Speaking with reporters, Kerry attempted to justify President Biden’s decision to re-enter America into the Paris climate accord and explain the administration’s executive actions on climate change. Biden took to signing those orders just after Kerry’s talk.

“That’s why [Biden] rejoined the Paris Agreement so quickly,” Kerry said, according to Breitbart. “Because he knows it is urgent. He also knows that Paris alone is not enough, not when almost 90% of all the planet’s emissions — global emissions — come [from] outside of U.S. borders. We could go to zero tomorrow and the problem isn’t solved.”

“Failure literally is not an option”

“So that’s why today, one week into the job, President Biden will sign this additional executive set of orders to help move us down the road, ensuring that ambitious climate action is global in scope and scale, as well as national, here at home,” Kerry said, according to the Daily Wire.

“This is an issue where failure literally is not an option,” he added.

According to the Washington ExaminerBiden’s executive orders will “make climate change a central consideration in nearly every decision the federal government makes.”

“That includes directing federal agencies to purchase carbon-free power and electric cars, elevating climate change as a national security threat, and setting a goal to conserve 30% of U.S. lands and waters by 2030,” the Examiner reported.

“The start of something new”

Of course, we’ve already seen one of the consequences of Biden’s climate change agenda — namely, the loss of a huge number of jobs due to his decision to revoke permits allowing the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. Some reports have suggested nixing the project cost upwards of 11,000 jobs.

Pressed on whether Biden’s climate policies would be bad for American workers, Kerry called the notion a “false narrative,” asserting that there will be plenty of jobs in clean energy, like manufacturing solar panels, according to the Daily Mail.

According to the Examiner, Kerry also said Wednesday that no one “will be able to undo” the climate change agenda that is quickly being implemented worldwide, telling reporters:

I think we can achieve things in the course of the next four years that will move the marketplace, the private sector, global finance, innovation, and research that in fact no one, no political person in the future, will be able to undo what the planet is going to be organizing over these next months and years. This is the start of something new.

It all begs the question: What happens if this plan fails?

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