White House Chief of Staff John Kelly has resigned

As President Donald Trump was heading to the Army v. Navy football game, he dropped a bombshell on the media.

Trump confirmed that his current chief of staff, John Kelly, will be leaving his post by the end of the year.

Not Really Retirement

President Trump was very careful not to call Kelly’s choice to leave the administration an actual retirement.

The wording the president used as he discussed the matter with the media made it sound as though Trump fully expected Kelly to serve in some other role in the near future.

Kelly, however, has been mum on the subject, so this is all speculation at this point.

Calming Influence

Few would argue that Kelly brought a much-needed calming influence to this administration.

Prior to Kelly, the seasoned Reince Priebus had been Trump’s chief of staff.

The consensus was that Priebus was being rewarded for holding the party together during the election.

While that may be the case, it was quite apparent early on Priebus did not have what it took to have such a high-ranking position within the Trump organization.

Priebus skirted around a lot of issues, and the White House was reported to have been in chaos with him in charge.

Kelly came in and immediately brought order to the administration.

No longer were individuals allowed to freely walk into the Oval Office, as Kelly strictly regulated who had face time with Trump.

Moving Forward

Nick Ayers, who is currently serving as VP Mike Pence’s chief of staff, is believed to be the name at the top of the list for Kelly’s replacement.

He has plenty of political experience and is much better suited to the current climate.

He can likely better navigate the waters of an opposition Congress and a re-election campaign.

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It will surely be sad to see Kelly leave the administration, but considering what is on the horizon, it is probably the best move for the administration.

Thank you for your service, Mr. Kelly.

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