American anarchist John Galton dies after being shot at his Acapulco home

A well-known American anarchist has been shot dead.

A man who goes by the name John Galton, which is likely an alias, was shot and killed at his home in Acapulco, Mexico over the weekend.

The Details

According to reports, gunmen approached Galton, who was with his partner “Lily” and business associate Jason Henza at the time, and opened fire.

Henza was also hit during the attack. He sustained non-life-threatening injuries to his armpit, leg, and hand.

According to the local hospital, Henza was treated and released on the same day. But Galton was not so lucky.

Word of the attack spread quickly on social media after both “Lily” and Henza shared updates.

“We were attacked. I’ve been shot three times. I’m not doing so good,” Henza wrote.

Who Is John Galton?

Police were unable to locate any records under the name of John Galton, meaning that the name was likely fabricated. Experts suspect he stole the name from Atlas Shrugged, an Ayn Rand book featuring a main character named John Galt.

Galt is known for embracing the same anarchist lifestyle as the real-life John Galton.

Galton and his friends moved to the Mexican resort destination to live in a world that embraced their ideals. He even recently posted an online video touting the freedoms of his new home.

That freedom, however, comes at great risk — as Galton found out.

With a murder rate of 64.2:100,000, the Mexican city’s murder rate is actually more than twice the per capita murder rate of Chicago.

Indeed, Acapulco has found itself to be the preferred home of drug dealers and criminals. And considering the amount of drug paraphernalia allegedly recovered at Henza’s home, it is a fairly safe assumption the three were involved in something nefarious.

Meanwhile, the U.S. State Department has stated it is looking into this as the death of an American citizen abroad.

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