2020 candidate Joe Sestak officially ends bid for presidency

The Democrat presidential field is one candidate lighter today.

Joe Sestak, a former Democrat Pennsylvania representative and retired Navy Admiral, has officially called it quits, the Daily Caller reports.

Started too late

Sestak’s campaign was probably over before it ever really got started. He did not enter the race until June, and by then, most of the serious candidates had already established their base.

While in the race, he regularly lived among the bottom-dwellers and was never really given serious consideration by the other contenders in the race.

His support was so lacking, in fact, he was not even eligible for a single debate, consistently polling near 0% for the entirety of the race.

Why he thought he could win the presidential nomination is baffling because he failed to win a seat in the Senate in both 2010 and 2016.

A full 24 hours after he withdrew from the race and made the announcement on Twitter, he had only received just over 1,500 likes to his post.

The remaining field

Even though we are a mere 60 days from the first ballot being cast, there is still no clear-cut favorite in the race.

Joe Biden has the national support for now, but he is severely lacking in key battleground states. If recent trends continue, he could come out of Iowa and New Hampshire in third place or worse.

The surprise candidate right now is Mayor Pete Buttigieg. Even though he is leading in Iowa right now, it is hard to believe he can make it out of Super Tuesday with the lead.

Even Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who made a massive run from a bottom-dweller to co-favorite, is struggling in the most recent polls. That would leave us with a Bernie Sanders versus Joe Biden showdown for the bulk of the Super Tuesday states, which will be quite entertaining.

The party demanding change and diversity will have two white, male, 70-year-old candidates vying for the right to run against Donald Trump.

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