Joe Scarborough erupts over Democrats’ dirty tricks against Kavanaugh

Democrat posturing has gotten so bad, even Joe Scarborough is fed up.

After Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) introduced an allegedly disparaging letter about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh but refused to reveal key components about its content, Scarborough called the move a “cheap trick.”

Take a look:

The Letter

The woman who wrote the letter wants to remain anonymous.

However, details of the letter have been leaked — and we finally know what is inside the letter.

According to the woman, Kavanaugh attempted to force himself on her at a party almost three decades ago when they were both in high school.

Not only has Kavanaugh denied the allegations, a group of more than 60 women that knew him in high school wrote their own letter of support for Kavanaugh.


Ever since Kavanaugh was announced as Trump’s nomination for the Supreme Court, Dems have been trying to block him.

When given the floor, most of the Democrats have used their time to go on anti-Trump ranst.

Now, Feinstein is bringing up a letter about some alleged incident that happened decades ago.

Never Before

Keep in mind, Kavanaugh went through a heavy vetting process before when he was up for the Circuit Court of Appeals position in D.C.

Democrats could not find anything on him then, and it is highly unlikely they will find anything on him now.

The only reason Dems are giving him such a hard time is because he was nominated by Trump.

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The entire Democratic Party has united in an effort to do everything they can to ensure Trump’s presidency is a failure.

The behavior has gotten so bad, in fact, even Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg called it “partisan” during a recent interview.


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