Joe Hagin, Deputy White House Chief of Staff, has resigned

The media is about to make much ado about a small shakeup in the White House staffing roster.

Joe Hagin, the Deputy Chief of Staff, announced his resignation this week.

Planned Departure

It will be very interesting to see how the mainstream media spins this over the next week or so.

Hagin, who had served several presidential administrations, will be leaving Trump’s administration after roughly 18 months of service.

While the media may try to spin it differently, Hagin’s departure has actually been planned from his first day in service.

He had actually only planned on staying on for 12 months, but agreed to stay on after the summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was announced.

Hagin handled all of the logistics of that meeting — and did so flawlessly.

On Hagin’s departure, President Donald Trump stated: “He planned and executed the longest and one of the most historic foreign trips ever made by a president, and he did it all perfectly.”

The media, however, may try to portray this as some type of dissension in the ranks over the recent zero-tolerance policy on immigration.

Most networks have dedicated the bulk of their time to the new policy, portraying Trump and everyone in his administration as heartless and immoral.

Will Be Missed

Sentiment among White House staffers portrayed a devoted public servant that will be dearly missed.

Among those expressing their sentiments was White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly.

Kelly stated said Hagin’s “selfless devotion to this nation and the institution of the presidency is unsurpassed.”

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He continued, “I am lucky to have served alongside this great American, and I am even luckier to call him my friend.”

We all thank you for your service Mr. Hagin.

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