Joe Biden’s health becomes talking point after recent speech

Much like Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign, Joe Biden is starting to face rumors of health problems.

During his South Carolina Democrat Convention speech, Biden appeared to struggle and mix words, getting the health rumors flowing more than a year before election day.

Watch below:

South Carolina

Biden has been in a significant downward spiral for weeks.

In an effort to get Democrat voters back on board with his campaign, Biden did his best to give an energized speech at the South Carolina convention, but it did not exactly work out as he had hoped.

There were several points during the speech where Biden got tangled up in his own words. He also had several bouts of slurring and forgetfulness that have started a new wave of health issue rumors for Biden.

Biden is no spring chicken, so these concerns are all legitimate and Biden’s onstage performance doesn’t help his cause.

Time for Change

Honestly, it would not be a surprise to see people within the Democratic Party latch onto this narrative, as well.

People like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) have been adamant about not letting Biden win the nomination ahead of 2020.

They want a new look for the party, not another old white man that references to the good old days of segregation when he gives speeches.

Joe Biden’s age, whether he wants to admit it or not, is also a real concern for the party. If Biden were to win, he would be 78 by the time he took office.

That means he would be an 80-year-old man when the time came for him to launch his re-election campaign and 82 at the beginning of a second term. What are the chances Biden would actually make it all the way through that presidency without a major health problem?

All of these factors will continue to plague Biden’s campaign, and may ultimately cost him the nomination.

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