Joe Biden’s Campaign Balks On Fundraising

Ever since Democrats blew up this Ukrainian phone call “scandal” involving President Trump – Joe Biden has been the one hurt the most politically.

Joe Biden’s problems began when Trump made a phone call to the president of Ukraine back in July. Trump asked the president of Ukraine to look into allegations of corruption involving Joe Biden and his son, Hunter.

Ever since Democrats found out Trump made that phone call, they have been screaming at the top of their lungs that Trump’s investigation into Biden’s family was somehow an impeachable offense – And even Nancy Pelosi has moved to have Trump go through impeachment proceedings!

But unfortunately for Democrats, their efforts to have Trump impeached seem to have backfired. Because by pushing the Ukraine scandal in the media as they did, Democrats accidentally revealed to the entire nation how corrupt of a person Joe Biden really is.

According to Fox News, Biden’s campaign is now really struggling to raise cash. He has even been surpassed in campaign donation amounts by 3 of his rivals:

“Former Vice President Joe Biden has been eclipsed by three of his rivals for their party’s 2020 nomination in the crucial race for campaign cash.”

Tucker Carlson was even a little surprised about the news of Biden’s downfall, saying that it’s been “an unexpectedly tough year for punitive Democratic front-runner Joe Biden.”

What’s worse is that Biden even admits that’s been struggling a lot. Biden said Thursday at a fundraising event in Palo Alto, California:

“We haven’t raised what a lot of people have — we got started way later than everybody else, but we’ve raised, this last quarter, $15 million, in the middle of summer…”

This may be the signal that Biden’s campaign is nearing its end. With so many other candidates who are raising so much more money, Biden will have to either find a new fundraising strategy or drop out completely.

Understandably, Trump is absolutely ecstatic about the prospect of dealing with Biden in the general election. He has said time and time again that Biden is the candidate that he’s been waiting for.

Democrats better get ready, because unless something changes soon, Donald Trump will be a 2 term president.

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