Curl: Joe Biden’s ‘basement strategy’ is not just a rumor

For several months now, President Donald Trump and Republicans have joked that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has been using a “basement” strategy. As we close in on election day, however, it is becoming more and more apparent that it isn’t a joke: it’s real.

Former White House correspondent Joseph Curl argues in an op-ed published by The Daily Wire that Biden’s recent campaigning, or lack thereof, is proof that he really has been using a basement strategy. 

A tale of two campaigns

In the article, Curl compares the campaign schedules of Trump and Biden since last weekend.

“On Saturday, Trump jumped out of bed early in West Palm Beach, Fla.; took a motorcade to a polling site to cast his early-voting ballot; jetted to Fayetteville, North Carolina, for a campaign rally; flew over to Columbus, Ohio, for another packed rally; and then headed off to Milwaukee for a third “Make America Great” rally. He then went home, arriving at the White House after midnight,” Curly wrote.

Curl then noted that while Trump was doing all that, Biden “went to two lightly attended drive-in rallies in Pennsylvania, calling it a day in mid-afternoon.”

On Sunday, Trump campaigned in both New Hampshire and Maine, while Biden called a “lid at 11:27 am. And then, on Tuesday, President Trump had another big day with rallies in Michigan and Wisconsin, by day, and Nebraska, by night. Biden, in contrast, held two events in Georgia, before calling it quits at 6 pm.

Wednesday was similar, but, by now, you get the idea. In Curl’s words, “the Biden Basement Strategy really IS real.”

Trump calls Biden out

President Trump has taken to Twitter to mock Biden’s campaigning a number of times over the past few months. But one of his harshest criticisms yet came during a campaign speech that he gave this week in Pennsylvania. “Unlike Joe, where he goes into a basement if he loses, and you know, who knows what happens right? It’s called an election,” Trump said. “He should be ashamed of himself because he didn’t work.”

The president continued: “No, seriously. He didn’t work. One thing, I did five, six, and sometimes seven of these in one day those last few days.”

The “why?”

Curl pointed out the “thinking” behind this basement strategy, writing, “Biden’s leading in nearly every national poll; Trump continues to be divisive in his tweets and speeches; and, frankly, Biden’s habit of garbling words and misspeaking was just too dangerous. So just hunker down.”

A top Democratic pollster expressed a similar opinion to Politico last month. “The fact is a cardboard cutout could beat Trump. But Biden could lose to him. There’s no win in Biden being out on the trail the way Trump wants. The Biden campaign has been smart about that.”

The question we all want to know, of course, is whether such a strategy could actually win a presidential election. Most polls do indeed have Biden in the lead, but it ought to be noted that there are polls that accurately predicted the 2016 election that have Trump winning again. We’ll know soon enough.

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