Joe Biden under pressure to choose between Hunter, political ambitions: Report

May 22, 2023
Matthew Boose

As he prepares to seek re-election, Joe Biden risks getting sucked into the increasingly public corruption scandal surrounding his family's sleazy business dealings.

With his son in the news more than ever, Biden is expected to come under pressure to defend the indefensible, or else cut his only surviving son loose, the Daily Caller reports.

Biden's son brings pressure

As power hungry as he might be, Biden is known to be protective of his deeply troubled son. The other side of that very human relationship is a corrupt business partnership between "the big guy" and his middleman.

Biden has repeatedly feigned ignorance of his son's business dealings, but those denials have become increasingly untenable as Republicans continue to uncover evidence of a family-wide influence peddling scheme.

Biden is so deeply implicated that if he admits even part of the truth, it could backfire.

The White House appears to be aware of this, as they continue to dismiss the evidence almost three years after Biden's team took extraordinary lengths to bury the scandal under the pretext of "Russian disinformation."

House Republicans recently disclosed that Biden's relatives and associates received millions in foreign money while Joe Biden was vice president, with the cash flowing through a complicated network of shell companies. The White House immediately dismissed the evidence as a "political stunt."

Cover-up in progress?

How long can Biden keep playing the "deny, deny, deny" game?

For now, at least, the media appear to be playing along, as always. Echoing Democrats, they insist that there is still no direct evidence linking Biden with Hunter's deals, which is a bit like saying oxygen has nothing to do with fire.

In any case, President Trump is prepared to hammer the issue in the coming election.

“The Biden Crime Family is being exposed for their shady dealings and for selling out America to foreign adversaries to enrich themselves. They are a threat to national security,” Trump’s campaign told the Daily Caller.

Hunter's conduct has also brought other embarrassments for his father, who has yet to acknowledge an illegitimate grandchild. But Biden hasn't kept his son in a closet, notably taking him along on a state trip to Ireland last month.

A whistleblower recently alleged that Biden's Justice Department is actively shielding Hunter from facing charges.

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