Joe Biden signs anti-Lynching bill a few decades too late

President Joe Biden signed The Emmett Till Anti-Lynching Act on Tuesday making the act of lynching a federal hate crime.

The bill was the result of a concerted push by civil rights activists and the Congressional Black Caucus. Tuesday marked the end of a 120-year-old crusade to combat the method of murder that would be used as a terror tactic against African-Americans, mostly in the south.

Of course, the signing of the Emmett Till Anti-Lynching Act comes decades too late as the act of lynching was most common from the late 1800s up to the 1950s.

Virtue signaling

For many Americans, the passage of the anti-Lynching Act looks like cheap virtue signaling that attacks a problem that no longer plagues the nation while ignoring the worsening racial divisions of today.

In the past decade, many Americans agree that race relations have only gotten worse as divisions intensify and race becomes increasingly intertwined with politics.

Worse yet, many Americans see the energy spent on this bill as wasted considering lynching was already effectively illegal.

Lynching is most often associated with a mob execution and would often be done by hanging up the accused in a tree. The namesake of the bill, Emmett Till, was beaten and shot in the head by two men and his body was thrown in a river.

While the crime was no doubt horrible, it was exactly that, a horrible crime. It was a gross injustice that Till’s killers were able to escape the consequences of their horrific actions.

But in a day of worsening racial tensions that threaten to shatter the nation, there is no room for wasting time and energy on symbolic causes when there are real problems to solve.

Things aren’t getting better

Things aren’t improving for anyone in America, especially for the African American community. Under President Biden’s leadership, rampant inflation and an unstable economy has made life hard for a constituency that overwhelmingly supported Biden in 2020.

President Biden may have signed an anti-Lynching Act that civil rights activists have fought so long for, but he himself is an incredibly problematic individual.

Democrats are desperate for a win and to the casual observer this legislation certainly fits that bill. Unfortunately, it won’t likely make life better for normal Americans dealing with everything from inflation to food shortages.

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