Joe Biden calls Russia an ‘opponent’ but won’t say the same about China

During a CNN town hall on Thursday, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden admitted on camera exactly how he views China and Russia.

While Biden said that Russia is an “opponent” of the United States, he would not call China an opponent, labeling China as a “serious competitor” instead.

Cooper puts Biden on the spot

“Do you believe Russia is an enemy?” CNN’s Anderson Cooper asked Biden.

Biden answered, “I believe Russia is an opponent, I really do.”

Next, Cooper asked, “Do you view China as an opponent? Because the president says you’ve been too cozy with China, too accepting of them in the international community.”

Biden replied by saying, “I view China as a competitor, a serious competitor. That’s why I think we have to strengthen our relationships and our alliances in Asia. … We’re going to abide by international norms. That’s what we’re going to do and insist that they do.”

Watch below:

The comments are a confirmation of what Republicans fear — as president, Biden would be weak on China at a time when China’s influence is growing dangerously. China is opposing the U.S. in nearly every facet of foreign policy while threatening our allies in the region. And that’s not even mentioning its human rights abuses.

Trump’s record is clear

President Trump has proven time and time again that he has what it takes to stand up to both Russia and China — without provoking outright confrontations. While the left has attacked him for using tariffs and tough rhetoric, that is exactly what is needed to get results.

Trump has been so successful that he even brought China to the negotiating table and got a trade deal signed. No other president in recent times has succeeded in forcing China to capitulate.

Biden has taken the mask off and shown Americans that he doesn’t think China is a problem. A Biden presidency will likely lead to a resurgence of Chinese aggression and Biden will be too busy chasing the boogeyman that is Russia to deal with it.

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