Joe Biden declines invitation to sit for Fox News interview

Last week, President Donald Trump sat down for a true grilling from Fox News’ Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday.

After Wallace admitted that Joe Biden needs to do the same, his show reportedly reached out for an interview with the presumptive Democratic nominee, but were turned down by his campaign.

Transparent Trump

One of the extraordinary things about President Trump is his essentially unprecedented willingness to take virtually any question and sit down with any reporter.

He has submitted to interviews with every major news network and a host of media personalities, whether they be friend or foe.

Wallace is far from a hospitable interviewer when it comes to Trump, but the president sat down with him anyway for more than an hour, imposing no restrictions on questions, and answering every curve ball thrown at him.

Even Wallace had to acknowledge that while some people may not like what the president has to say, his openness to questions is impressive indeed.

Biden in hiding

Biden, on the other hand, only grants limited interviews with friendly media personalities who will not challenge him on anything.

Even then, he is under the tight control of his campaign handlers who will abruptly end appearances at the first sign of trouble.

After Wallace interviewed the president, he stated that Biden needs to start facing the same level of scrutiny and sitting for the same kinds of hard-hitting interviews Trump has been doing, and to that end, he again extended an offer for Biden to appear on his Sunday show for a no-holds-barred interview.

On Sunday, Wallace informed viewers that Biden had rejected the invite.

Fellow Fox News personality Bret Baier, who chatted with Wallace on-air after the Trump interview, stated that he had also reached out to Biden on several occasions for an interview and was shot down every time.

All of this can only lead to the conculsion that Biden truly is in hiding, but that will no longer be an option come debate time, which is exactly when his candidacy will be exposed as the disaster that it is.

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