Joe Biden releasing 9/11 hijacker Mohammed al-Qahtani

Mohammed al-Qahtani, a terrorist who attempted to enter the United States to take part in the 9/11 attacks, has been set free and is set to be transferred to Saudi Arabia.

The shocking decision by the Biden administration has generated outrage because al-Qahtani was an active participant in planning the horrible attacks that killed thousands of Americans and kicked off war in the Middle East.

Al-Qahtani will reportedly be sent to a “custodial rehabilitation and mental health care program for extremists,” when he reaches Saudi Arabia.

Of course, for the Americans affected by the 9/11 attacks, Al-Qahtani is getting off easy.

Awful decision

Representative Mike Rogers (R-LA) reacted to the news, saying, “Letting a 9/11 hijacker walk free is an appalling capitulation to the far-left. On Sept. 11, 2001, al Qaeda terrorists killed nearly 3,000 people—Mohammed al-Qahtani was supposed to be one of the hijackers that day. He flew to America to participate in the attack and would have succeeded but for sharp-eyed INS [Immigration and Naturalization Service] agents. The leader of the 9/11 attacks, Mohamed Atta, was waiting in the airport parking lot to pick up al-Qahtani when he was denied entry to the United States.”

Al-Qahtani has not truly faced justice for the role he played in the 9/11 attacks. He should have been locked up for life with the key thrown away, but now President Biden is releasing him to notoriously untrustworthy Saudi Arabia.

This decision by the Biden administration is a continuation of the terrible policy that former President Obama adopted that saw dozens of terrorists released to their countries.

Many of those terrorists made their way back into war zones but that apparently hasn’t stopped the Biden administration from thinking twice about letting go of Al-Qahtani.

A report from the Office of National Intelligence found that 229 of the 729 detainees released from Gitmo by Obama and Biden have gone back to terrorism. Some have directly engaged in terrorism while others have gone on to plan and coordinate attacks.

A more dangerous world

Under the leadership of Democrat Presidents like Barack Obama and Joe Biden, the world has become a more dangerous place.

This is in stark contrast to former President Donald Trump whose leadership and foreign policy made strides in achieving peace. Al-Qahtani has a good chance of returning to terrorism and American’s could lose their lives.

Republicans need to do more to raise awareness about what the President is doing and the danger he is creating.


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