Joe Biden nearly falls off stage during campaign event, Kamala Harris seen reaching for him at edge of the stage

President Biden can’t be trusted to run the country and apparently can’t be trusted not to fall off stages based on a scary video from a Democratic Party event in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

In the video, the President concluded his remarks and then began to walk toward the edge of the stage while waving at supporters. Vice President Kamala Harris gasped and reached for the President as he stood at the edge of the stage. Some speculated that the President was simply goofing off but considering his questionable health, it’s reasonable to think the Vice President was genuinely concerned.

The President continued to stand at the edge of the stage while Vice President Harris could be seen visibly nervous and even tried to get him to step back.

Biden physically unfit

President Biden was in Pennsylvania to campaign for Democrat John Fetterman, who is running to be Pennsylvania’s next Senator.

The race is a critical one, and Democrats are all hands on deck to help Fetterman win the race. If Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz wins the race, it will likely be the difference between victory and defeat in controlling the Senate.

Of course, many wonder how much Joe Biden can really help Fetterman appeal to Pennsylvania’s working-class voters that will determine who wins the election.

The President’s odd episode and the video of a terrified Vice President seemingly trying to corral the President isn’t going to help Fetterman either.

Fetterman’s campaign is trying to convince Pennsylvanians that Fetterman is fit to serve after suffering a stroke in May.

Bringing in the oldest President in American history, whose mental faculties are on the decline, is only going to remind Pennsylvanians that they have to decide if Fetterman is fit to serve in the Senate.

Everything is at stake

Everything is at stake in Pennsylvania, and the President may have provided Republicans with crucial material to broadcast to Pennsylvanians over the next week.

Democrats are facing a major uphill battle to maintain control of the Senate, and they cannot afford any mistakes.

At this point, it may be in Democrat’s best interests to keep the President out of sight and out of mind. Democrats stand a better chance with voters if they put distance between themselves and one of the most unpopular Presidents in history.

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