Joe Biden moving to fund Canadian mines while blocking US mining efforts

Joe Biden is considering a measure to fund the Canadian mining and metal industry to help ease the demand for rare earth minerals crucial for renewable energy sources.

However, this comes after the Biden administration has already stopped domestic efforts to mine rare earth minerals in the name of fighting climate change. Two major projects in Minnesota and Alaska were blocked by the Biden administration in just the past couple of months.

President Biden killed the possibility of thousands of good jobs for Americans and now wants to send taxpayer dollars to pay Canadians to do the mining instead.

Incoherent and insane

President Biden has been pushing renewable energy sources that require massive amounts of rare earth minerals since he was sworn into office nearly two years ago.

However, the President doesn’t seem to understand that those rare earth minerals have to be mined first and that has led to an incoherent and insane policy.

What is worse is China holds a monopoly on processing rare earth minerals thanks to its substantial and well-funded industry. Simply put, America is at an extreme disadvantage and President Biden isn’t helping things.

A report from the International Energy Agency found that China has a 35% mineral refining share for nickel, 50-70% for lithium and cobalt, and nearly 90% for rare earth elements.

President Biden’s dreams of a nation run on renewable energy are currently dependent on China.

It’s unknown if China can ever be unseated from its position, but American miners stand no chance because they have to fight both China and the Biden administration.

Disaster in the White House

This latest situation is yet another strong example of why President Biden should never have stepped foot in the Oval Office.

Representative Pete Stauber (R-MN) blasted the Biden administration in a statement saying, “I can’t say I’m surprised since Biden has repeatedly indicated he prefers foreign labor mining for minerals instead of Americans, even though he claims to support American mining. Now he wants to use American taxpayer money to build even more wealth abroad, not at home. This is unacceptable.”

President Biden’s incompetence cannot be allowed to continue. Americans must get out in November and send a message that the President’s leadership and decision making is unacceptable.

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