Joe Biden continues to engage in, joke about inappropriate behavior toward women

Former Vice President Joe Biden has long had a tendency to get rather close and hands-on with women and young girls during campaign events and photo opportunities, something which has sparked complaints and earned him the apt moniker of “Creepy Uncle Joe.”

Biden issued a sort of apology for making some women uncomfortable with his behavior, but that apology and vow to refrain from similar touching in the future rings insincere as he has engaged in similar conduct on several recent occasions.

Biden does it again

According to The Hill it happened once again on Tuesday at a New Hampshire campaign event when Biden got exceptionally close to a female supporter and then cracked a joke about it.

The moment began as Biden retrieved an empty folding chair to give to a woman sitting on the floor, a move that earned him some “oohs” and “aahs” from the crowd. As he helped her get to her feet, she called him a “sweetheart” and put her hand on his shoulder while she leaned toward him to speak near his ear.

The woman and Biden remained close as they quietly conversed for about 10 seconds amid nervous chuckles from the crowd before they finally broke the embrace and the woman sat down on the chair.

“She pulled me close…OK?”

As he stepped back from the woman, Biden said, “We have a little secret going here.”

Turning toward the assembled media, Biden joked, “I just want the press to know, she pulled me close. I just want you to know, OK?”

“Alright? And I was delighted. I was delighted,” he added amid laughter from the crowd.

Repeat offender

This obviously isn’t the first time that Biden has made tone-deaf jokes about his touchy-feely tendencies that come across as rather dismissive of the complaints about his behavior.

Furthermore, the fact that he persists in this type of conduct and is audacious enough to joke about it suggests he really didn’t receive the message of those concerns in the first place, despite his pledge to do better.

During Biden’s first official campaign event in April, the former vice president hugged a union president and put his arm around the shoulder of a young boy, in both cases joking that he’d been granted “permission” to do so.

More recently, the Washington Examiner reported how Biden told a pre-teen girl she was “good-looking” and placed his hands upon her shoulders from behind while speaking to the crowd and media.

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