Joe Biden calls for end of ‘hatred,’ ‘ugliness’ in US: ‘We are better than this’

Appearing at a campaign rally in Hartford, Connecticut just two days after he received inert explosives in the mail from a Trump supporter, former Vice President Joe Biden called for an end to the hate and incivility he sees infecting politics.

“This country has to come together,” Biden declared. “This hatred, this ugliness has to come to an end… I really want to make this crystal clear: we are better than this.”

But many have called Biden’s comments hypocritical after months of calls for incivility from his colleagues on the left.

Better-than-thou politics

Biden may say he’s concerned with the violence in the U.S., but he was conspicuously silent after President Donald Trump and three other Republicans received letters tainted with fatal ricinIn fact, instead of deploring the incivility that could have contributed to these chemical attacks, Democrats like former Attorney General Eric Holder and failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton only escalated their militant rhetoric by calling for violence and obstruction.

Less than a week after the ricin attack, Clinton admitted that Democrats “cannot be civil” with Republicans, while Holder implored his supporters to “kick ’em” when they’re down, because “that’s what this new Democratic Party is about.”

Only now, after the tables have turned and Democrats are the subject of attacks, are leaders like Biden calling for peace.


Still, there is no concerted effort among liberals to condemn their flamethrowing colleagues. Back in Hartford, it was clear who Biden blamed for the rising discord.

“I could not remain silent after the events of Charlottesville,” he said. “We’re in a battle for America’s soul.”

But it didn’t take long for Biden to forget about his own calls for unity.

“We’re everything the Republican Party is not and let me add, this is not your father’s Republican Party,” he said after calling on his supporters to vote for Connecticut Democrats who could “stop this madness.”

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Quiet introspection

If the ex-vice president wants to see an end to the “hatred” and “ugliness” among politicians, he may want to consider some quiet introspection. During his thirty minute speech, Biden did get one thing right, calling the Nov. 6 midterms “the most significant, consequential election” in many years.

“This election is more important. It is not about politics; it’s about the character of our country,” Biden told the Democratic crowd.

If that character has been compromised recently, it is because of a political party that will stop at nothing to see their majority restored — even if it means destroying everyone around them.  

It’s time for Democrats to have a long, honest look in the mirror, and decide if blame-casting and political grandstanding are truly political strategies that they wish to pursue.

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