Joe Biden Has Been on Vacation 40 PERCENT of His Presidency!

March 1, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A social media statement from RNC Research has revealed the huge and extended absences from the White House during Joe Biden's presidency.

So far anyway.

The report documents he's taken 305 days of vacation.

See the result here.

Comments, all anonymous, that followed the posting varied, including many that revolved around the theme that it was not necessarily bad to have Biden on vacation.

"C'mon RNC, why are you complaining? Give him another ice cream cone and send him back to Delaware. The country will be a whole lot safer."

Another, identifying himself as "Jesus," said the fact he's been able to "accomplish so much" while literally being absent "would make republicans (sic) embarrassed."

Another noted: "Imagine how much worse things would be if he worked full time."

"More gets 'accomplished, when Corn Pop is on vacation," also appeared, as did, "Longer he's away from WH, less damage he can do."

"Who knew POTUS was a part-time gig!" said yet another.

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