Joe Biden is known to get “handsy” with women and girls

Joe Biden appears to be the leading candidate to run against President Trump in 2020, but there seems to be a major problem…

While this public image is generally good, those who know Biden in Washington claim his “handsiness” is well known.

Creepy Uncle Joe

Democrats can cry conspiracy theory all they want.

Joe’s “hands” problem is something that has been well-documented for years by journalists.

Countless video compilations have been made showing just how much Joe likes to put his hands on other women.

Photo via Gabbee Youtube Video

Biden was so bold, in fact, he had no problems making a pass at a woman with her man sitting right there at the same table, as is pictured above.

The only thing we can say about that picture is that at least it was a grown woman.

On far too many occasions, pictures of Mr. Biden have made their way around showing him with an underage girl looking far too uncomfortable for our liking.

And with adult women, as the above picture hints, Biden stands far too close or puts his hands in inappropriate positions more often than not.

It’s a Problem

This is not something that is limited to just Joe Biden, either.

In fact, it is something that is running rampant throughout Washington, but more so in the Democrat party.

A former staff member of Rep. Bobby Scott accused him of sexual misconduct.

Democrats were so outraged by the conduct of Rep. Ruben Kihuen’s conduct, they called for him to resign.

Senator Al Franken saw members of his own party demand he step down after some disgusting pictures went public of him inappropriately posing over a sleeping woman while on a USO tour.

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Clearly, all of these men have gone on a power trip that has them thinking they are above the law, especially when it comes to the treatment of women.

Come the 2020 presidential election, we would recommend Creepy Uncle Joe stay home, otherwise some nasty skeletons hiding in his closet will come out to haunt him.

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