Joe Biden makes another embarrassing gaffe on Twitter

Ask Joe Biden if he is physically and mentally fit enough to be president, and he will tell you that he most definitely is.

But Joe’s Twitter account tells a different story. Either Biden himself or one of his staffers made a major gaffe by wishing a speedy recovery to WNBA star E. Delle Donne via tweet, while she was actually in the midst of dominating on the court in the WNBA finals, Deadspin reports.


Delle Donne suffered what is called a “disc herniation” during Game 2 of the finals. Biden decided to send out a tweet during Game 3, wishing the star player, who played for Biden’s Delaware Hens and is a native of his home state, a speedy recovery from her injury.

He also stated that he could not wait to see her back on the court soon.

There is only one glaring problem with that tweet. When it went out, Game 3 of the Finals was already underway, and Delle Donne was putting in another stellar performance.

The Washington Mystics, for whom Delle Donne plays in the WNBA, won Game 3 with a final score of 94–81. Not only that, Delle Donne played 26 minutes and scored 13 points.

So, Joe, it would appear that she recovered just fine from her injury — and perhaps if you were actually paying attention, rather than looking for something that might get you a few retweets, you would have known this.

Not All There

Biden has been showing alarming behavior over the last few months that he’s been in the spotlight. Anyone watching him on TV can’t help but notice that he regularly gets confused and loses his train of thought.

There is also a problem in that Biden refuses to allow anyone to question him about his past. It is as though he believes he is beyond reproach at all times, even when glaring evidence is sitting on the table that suggests otherwise.

Look at how he reacted to that reporter who asked him about the obvious conflict of interest with his son’s business dealings in Ukraine and China. Biden blatantly refused to even discuss the subject and once again tried to deflect the blame on Trump for something Biden himself actually did.

Democrat voters may be catching on to this issue as well, as his popularity in the polls and fundraising numbers are both in rapid decline.

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