Biden slips up: ‘Poor kids are just as bright and talented as white kids’

The incredible pressure of campaigning for president must be really getting to Joe Biden. The aging former vice president is known for slipping up verbally, but he really did it this time.

While speaking to Iowa supporters, Biden all but ended his career by stating that “poor kids are just as bright and talented as white kids.” 

Racist or Not?

The comment made by Biden, if it had been made by Trump, would have been front-page news on virtually every mainstream media outlet.

Not only that, they would have been using it as proof-positive Trump is a racist. Right now, the liberal media is giving Biden a pass, but this not just any other gaffe for Creepy Uncle Joe.

Biden was against busing when he was in the Senate. He openly criticized diversity programs. Biden penned the crime bill largely attributed to the mass incarceration of minorities in this country.

More recently, he spoke positively about known segregationists in the Democrat party who he worked with as a senator.

It Gets Worse for Biden

Biden made another gaffe over the weekend that could cause him even more problems. He forcibly put his hands on a young female student after she upset him with a question.

By today’s standards, what he did is considered assault. It was also proof of Biden’s famed temper that he has kept somewhat hidden during this election cycle.

We have yet to hear Democrats condemn what he did and quite frankly, it would be surprising if they did. Again, if Trump did what Biden did, Dems would be calling for his resignation from the White House right now.

Biden can hide from all of this during the primary because both the media and his party are protecting him, but that will not be the case during the general election when the microscope is placed over each nominee.

It may be Trump’s media team that exposes him, but Biden will be exposed.

Sooner or later, these “gaffes” are going to catch up with Joe and when they do, he will then be known as a three-time failed presidential candidate.

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