Joe Biden in 1976: Criminals should be punished, not rehabilitated

Joe Biden had a far different outlook in the 1970s, ’80s, and ’90s than he does today on the U.S. prison system.

During a 1976 speech, Biden said that criminals needed to be punished, not rehabilitated — a stark shift from liberals’ position today.

Biden’s Own Words

When Biden first arrived in the Senate, he was a different type of Democrat than he is today.

He was once a hardliner when it came to crime and punishment — an attitude that would stick with him for many years. In fact, he was the senator that penned Bill Clinton’s crime bill in 1994.

What Biden said back then is very typical of what is attitude was while he earned his stripes in the Senate. According to the Washington Free Beacon, Biden remarked:

We liberals stand up and we say, “What we need to do is rehabilitate.” And yet we go to any university in the United States of America and we find among the [academics] a recognition of the fact that we do not know how to rehabilitate. We have not found a way to rehabilitate. And yet we conduct the debate and tell ourselves if we only had more money we’d correct the system. That is not true. Flat out not true.

Biden went on to ask: “Why should we liberals, why should we Democrats, apologize for saying a criminal justice system has implicit in it the idea that a crime should be met with a punishment?

“What is wrong with that?” Biden added. “I don’t know. I don’t have any idea. If you commit a crime you should be accountable for it. And you don’t have to be some racist so-called redneck to say that.”

Can’t Escape Those Words

Now that Biden is running for president, he no longer wants his previous record to be the measuring stick.

He constantly claims that Barack Obama had him vetted up and down. Additionally, he leans on Obama to defend himself as not being racist — even though his record tells a different story.

In reality, Biden is very much part of the reason why America had a prison boom in the latter part of the last century.

Indeed, Joe Biden is very much part of the reason why so many African Americans are either now in prison or spent most of their lives in prison. Just ask Cory Booker and Kamala Harris if Biden is part of the solution — or if he was part of the problem.

Democrats have often accused President Donald Trump of lighting a fire, then wanting recognition when he puts that fire out. Well, Joe Biden created a fire that ripped apart families in minority communities for decades — now he wants to be elected president to fix his own mess.

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