Joe Biden, confused and wandering, is led to his place by child

The President’s declining mental faculties resurfaced once again during a speech on Monday at a Toys for Tots event with the United States Marine Corps Reserve in Arlington, Virginia.

A clip at the conclusion of his speech shows Biden looking visibly confused and asking “which way” to a little girl who then dragged him to his spot. The disturbing video was a strong reminder that the President is 80-years-old and at times doesn’t seem to know where he is or what is happening.

The President was there to celebrate Toys for Tots 75th anniversary but onlookers were left questioning if the President knew where he was.

Oldest President in history

President Biden turned 80 years old on November 20th and is the oldest President in American history. Ronald Reagan was the next oldest at 77 years old by the end of his term.

The President’s health is clearly going downhill and yet the White House and the mainstream media have done everything in their power to hide the truth from the American public.

Unfortunately for them, the numerous video clips of the President appearing to lose his bearings in public have given us a clue as to what the President’s real condition is.

This is far from the first time that President Biden has looked lost and directionless on stage.

President Biden nearly fell off a stage at a New York event just one day before the midterm elections. The President stumbled on something on the stage and could be seen quickly raising his hand to balance himself.

At another event, Vice President Kamala Harris had to save the President from falling off the stage and the incident was caught on video. It seems that electing the oldest President in history may not have been the best idea.

Biden unfit for office

President Biden’s small stumbles and mental lapses have translated into instability and chaos around the world. Our enemies abroad, notably China and Russia, have been emboldened by Biden’s weakness.

Vladimir Putin has been waging open war in Eastern Europe and China is undermining us abroad while threatening Taiwan.

Those outcomes are no surprise considering President Biden isn’t being taken seriously on the world stage.

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