Joe Biden attacks constitutionalist interpretation of 2nd amendment on video

Joe Biden would appear to be setting himself up for a run at the presidency on the strength of anti-gun legislation.

During a recent appearance at the University of Pennsylvania, Biden accused conservatives of “prostitution of the Second Amendment.”

The Anti-Gun Movement

Biden was grabbing an additional 15 minutes of fame to discuss the recent “March for Our Lives.”

The movement was started by the Parkland students that survived the mass shooting and has swelled to include students from all over the country.

The students, like many liberals, are blaming the weapon rather than the actual individuals doing the attacking.

Biden applauded the children that will “no longer turn a blind eye to the enormous damage being done not just in our schools but on our streets.”

The Lie

Biden continues to spread the false narrative these children are acting on their own, but we all know this is a lie.

Several reports have already been published revealing the children getting adult guidance on their statements to the press about the shooting as well as their actions afterwards.

A Run at the Presidency

Biden’s name has been popping up all over the place as one of the top contenders to take on President Trump in 2020.

If he is to take on Trump, anti-gun legislation and an outright attack against the Second Amendment would clearly be at the forefront of his platform.

Tough Talkin’ Joe

Biden, while taking a great game, has been proven to be nothing more than a hypocrite.

While he tells people the violence must stop out of one side of his mouth, he tells people he will beat up President Trump out of the other.

Biden is a typical liberal that is able to talk tough while he has his guards around him but has more than likely never been involved in actual fight in his entire life.

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He is doing nothing more than telling people what he thinks they want to hear so he can bolster his position as a presidential candidate.

The problem, though, is Americans already know Biden is nothing more than yet another member of the DC swamp and there is no way we will EVER let him get in control of the presidency!

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