Joe Biden apparently liked 'privilege' before he disliked it

July 15, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Joe Biden, when the Supreme Court ruled that universities cannot use racist standards to decide who gets into their classes, reacted negatively toward what he claimed was "privilege."

His statement, after the court's ruling, was, "I'm directing the Department of Education to analyze what practices help build more inclusive and diverse student bodies (sic) and what practices hold that back, practices like legacy admissions and other systems that expand privilege instead of opportunity."

But a report at the Free Beacon noted he apparently liked privilege before he disliked it.

The Right Scoop said, "It turns out that Joe Biden used 'privilege' to help get his granddaughter into the University of Pennsylvania which had a 5.9 percent acceptance rate."

The Beacon reported of the Department of Education, "The department could start by examining how politically connected families like the Bidens get their children into Ivy League schools."

Text messages and emails, examined by the Free Beacon, "show how Joe and Hunter Biden worked behind the scenes to get a subpar family member into one of the most selective schools in the country."

At issue was Maisy Biden's admission.

"The saga highlights exactly the kind of 'legacy admissions' Biden has slammed. The story also highlights the Biden family's occasionally shady dealings with the University of Pennsylvania just as congressional Republicans are probing alleged ethical misconduct by both Joe and Hunter Biden."

The report said Maisy was facing an uphill battle for admission to Pennsylvania.

But then she told her father, Hunter, she applied, and, "Just two days later, Maisy asked her father for an update on her application. In the coming months, Hunter and Joe Biden would mount a full-court press on university administrators to get Maisy's application over the finish line. The Bidens took their case directly to the top: University of Pennsylvania president Amy Gutmann."

At one point Joe Biden told his son he was "going to try to see [University of Pennsylvania] Pres GUTMANN tomorrow."

Joe Biden shortly after wrote, "Maisy still in the game for regular acceptance. But must do well in class this period. It's real."

The report said, then, "Joe Biden also said Gutmann would call him directly to let him know whether Maisy was accepted."

And Joe Biden asked Hunter, "Let me know if there's anything I can do on anything."

The report said the "influence campaign worked" as the granddaughter started at the school in the fall of 2019.

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