‘Joe Biden has an ally in the news cycle’, CBS reporter says

One mainstream media reporter just admitted what many conservatives suspected.

CBS News’ John Dickerson essentially argued that the Hunter Biden scandal uncovered by the New York Post will not hurt Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden because the mainstream media will make sure that it doesn’t. 

It’s true

Dickerson made the argument Friday on “CBS This Morning,” the Daily Caller reported.

“Joe Biden has an ally in the news cycle,” Dickerson said, “which is, if President Trump tries to shift the turf under the Biden family for the purposes of muddying Joe Biden, the news cycle keeps returning to the central piece of this campaign which is coronavirus and the president’s response to it, and the country has a very negative view of that.”

Indeed, we have already seen this happen with both social and news media participating in the cover-up. It started right after the Post broke the story, the one that appears to show some kind of connection between former vice president Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings.

Twitter and Facebook immediately went into action, the former censoring the story, including users disseminating it, and the latter limiting its circulation.

In tandem

The mainstream media for its parts has taken various approaches. One has been to dismiss the story either because they falsely claim that there is no supporting evidence for it or because it is being reported by, in their view, fringe news outlets.

The latter was exemplified by CNN’s Jake Tapper who recently accused President Donald Trump of being “off in Breitbart land” when the president brought the scandal up at the final presidential debate. The former was exemplified by CBS’s Lesley Stahl, who during a recent “60 Minutes” program with the president, argued that the evidence that the Post has on Hunter Biden “can’t be verified,” in her words, “because it can’t be verified.”

Another approach that the mainstream media has taken is to simply ignore the story, and, like Dickerson said, instead focus on something that might be able to hurt the president, such as the coronavirus.

National Public Radio (NPR), for example, recently admitted that it was ignoring the Biden scandal because “we don’t want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories.”

President Trump suggested at a recent rally that the wall-to-wall coronavirus coverage is politically-motivated, saying “you won’t hear about it” after election day.

Election interference

It is clear that the social and news media are running interference for Biden 2020. They, however, are failing. Breitbart reports that, following the presidential debate, the Hunter Biden scandal was “by far the dominant storyline” online this past week.

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