Joe Biden admits he is having trouble reading, health declining significantly

President Joe Biden admitted that he was having significant trouble reading during a trip to Indonesia on Monday.

The President appeared to be unable to read from a piece of paper that contained the list of names of reporters he was allowed to call on. During a news conference, the President could be heard saying, “Um — uh, I’m having trouble reading this. Reuters, Natandya Bo — Bose.”

The reporter’s name was actually Nandita Bose, but it was close enough for President Biden, who will be turning 80 years old on November 20th.

Health continues to collapse

President Biden’s true health is being hidden by the White House, but it is safe to assume things are going downhill.

The President actively expressing his inability to read is a new problem that has some scary implications. It’s also worst-case scenario news for the White House as they rely on written notes to keep the President on a script.

This is the second time in the past week that the President has been unable to read.

During a United Nations climate conference in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, last Friday, President Biden seemed to lose track completely.

President Biden said, “In fact, the International Energy Agency recently concluded that our significant climate investment will, quote, help turbo-charge the emer- — the ener- — the — excuse me — turbo-charge the emerging global clean enery — clean energy economy. I was reading their quote, sorry.”

The President’s health seems to be taking another nosedive, and it’s long past time to begin worrying about his ability to lead the nation.

Projecting weakness

The President of the United States must be of sound mind and body in order to project strength to both our allies and our enemies abroad.

President Biden is vulnerable, and everyone knows it. Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping know that President Biden is too weak to oppose them, and that’s why the world has descended into chaos over the past few years.

Republicans will likely hold a majority in the House of Representatives but without the Senate, they will be unable to do much. It is up to the Democrat Party to do what is right for the country and call on the President to step down.

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