Job openings just rose to their highest level – ever

President Donald Trump promised to put America back to work — and that is exactly what he is doing.

This week, a reported 7.136 million jobs were available.

In addition to that staggering number, unemployment came in at just 3.7 percent.

Record Highs and Lows

If you want to know why Democrats concentrate on angles of division, it is because they need a way to deflect from the achievements of this administration.

When Trump promised he would create an environment that would create jobs, former President Barack Obama flat out asked people where these magical jobs were going to come from.

One of the ways the job market was given a boost was by the GOP and Trump’s tax cuts.

Democrats fought the tax cuts tooth and nail because they knew what would happen.

Not long after the cuts were made, job availability numbers started to climb and the unemployment rate dipped.

Amazingly, after having done nothing to help this cause, Obama continues to take credit for it when standing on a dais touting one of his fellow Democrats.

Shady Future

Democrats are doing anything and everything they can to make sure something bad happens to the American people while Trump is still in office.

To that point, they have already announced a new tax plan that will drop the hammer on corporations.

Seeing such growth, there is only one reason they would do this: to crash the job market while Trump is in office.

If that happens, a stock market crash is sure to follow.

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If Democrats are able to gain a majority come November, they have every intention of crashing the economy simply to make Trump look bad — period.

They are not worried about how it will impact Americans — they just went to lay the groundwork to put a Democrat back in the White House come January 2021.

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