Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter celebrate 73rd wedding anniversary

Long-lasting marriages these days are truly rare, but that is especially the case when it comes to marriages lasting more than 50 years.

After celebrating their 73rd wedding anniversary, Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter are now nearing the record for being the longest-married presidential couple.

Closing in on the Record

While long marriages seem to be the exception in this country, it is actually the norm in the White House. It is rare we have a president that was previously divorced let alone one that is divorced while serving or after he has left the White House.

Prior to Trump, there was only one president in office that had been divorced, and that was Ronald Reagan. While Reagan was divorced and remarried, there were actually four other presidents that were widowed and remarried.

The norm in the White House, though, is that these marriages hold together through thick and thin.

One need look no further than the marriage of Bill Clinton to see the turmoil a presidential marriage is capable of withstanding.

After all of the marriages the White House has seen, though, none have withstood the time as well as George and Barbara Bush.

Sadly, that marriage came to an end after 73 years and 111 days when Barbara died last year. President Bush was so heartbroken, many believe that is why he followed her only seven months later.

Took Some Convincing

Any marriage that lasts more than seven decades obviously takes a lot of work. However, Jimmy had to work extra hard just to get Rosalyn to say yes.

Rosalyn actually turned down Jimmy Carter the first time he proposed, but she did say yes after he had entered the Naval Academy a year later.

Now, 73 years later, they are on the brink of making history.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Carter… May you have many more years of happiness ahead.

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