Jim Acosta Reportedly Begged To Be On Fox News

CNN isn’t enough for Jim Acosta anymore. Now he wants to be on Fox News.

On Friday, Acosta launched an all-out assault against Fox News star Sean Hannity on Twitter. In response to the attacks, Hannity publicly revealed that Acosta has been begging to be a guest on his Fox show.

The incident

It all started when Jim Acosta received criticism from Sean Hannity over his newly released book, Enemy of The People. Hannity chose to take a stand against the controversial anti-Trump book, and that apparently triggered Acosta so much that he felt the need to confront Hannity on Twitter.

In response to the personal attack, Hannity chose to release a statement of his own.

Acosta’s big struggle

This isn’t the first time Jim Acosta has found himself in middle of a highly publicized fight. Just last November, the White House had to officially revoke his press pass after he got in a heated exchange with President Donald Trump during a news conference.

These countless squabbles are undoubtedly hurting his reputation. Failed book signings and bad television ratings are just 2 of the many ways that Acosta has fallen in recent months.

He’s made controversy a part of his brand – but in all the wrong ways. Now he’s found himself with more enemies than friends.

Hannity is right not to let Acosta on his show. Personal attacks and contempt for authority are not the qualities that should be paraded in front of the American people.

There are certain lines that should not be crossed. Sadly, Acosta has crossed far too many of them.

Keeping him off the network is the right call.

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