Jim Acosta booted from White House by Secret Service

Liberals love to think they are above the law and do not like it one bit when they are reminded they need to follow the same rules as everyone else.

Jim Acosta, senior correspondent for CNN, was booted from the White House by Secret Service for not having his credentials…

Rules for a Reason

The Secret Service has rules in place for the media for a reason.

In this day and age, it would be very easy from someone to impersonate someone else to gain access to the White House.

Acosta knows this.

Yet, he decided to try to get access to one of the most secured buildings in our country without the proper credentials.

Not only that, he tried to throw other agents under the bus in the process.

If you listen to the video, he says he has been there for five years and never had this problem.


Acosta put himself in the same category as many of today’s liberals.

His sense of entitlement is simply absurd.

Then, when he was called out on it, he tried to make excuses rather than simply accepting the repercussions of his own negligence.

The Secret Service agent that refused him access should be applauded by everyone in this country for doing her job.

And forgive us if we take a little pleasure in seeing Acosta sent packing.

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This is the same “journalist” who was caught giving members of the First Family a hard time during the Easter festivities at the White House.

He is also infamous for giving the President a hard time during press conferences with his twisted version of the truth.

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