Jill Biden tells falsehoods about LGBTQ rights at Human Rights dinner

October 18, 2023
Jen Krausz

When First Lady Jill Biden spoke at the Human Rights Campaign dinner in Washington D.C. on Saturday about LGBTQ rights, she spoke five major errors in one paragraph, according to the Daily Signal

Here is the paragraph:

But despite the freedom and acceptance we have fought for in places like D.C., we know that in too many other parts of our country, these rights and freedoms are under attack. Across the country, in places like Texas and Florida and Alabama, LGBTQ individuals don’t have the freedom to be honest with their family or embrace their gender identity at work. They don’t have the freedom to walk down the halls of their school as their authentic self. They don’t have the freedom to hold hands with their partner on the sidewalk.

First of all, Biden conflated LGBTQ "individuals" with children, who don't get the same rights as adults in many cases. The left's agenda wants to confer rights on children to "choose" their gender identity and sexual orientation when they are too young to make life-altering decisions that in some cases include chopping off body parts.

Children should not get to make medical and legal decisions for themselves. They never have, but since it fits the left's agenda for them to do so, now the government is "attacking" their freedom if it doesn't let them choose for themselves at the age of 12 or 14.

Mixed up

Second, Biden is mixed up about what is actually happening. She implies that children are being prevented from telling their families about how they identify, but in actuality schools and teachers' unions want to allow teachers and administrators to keep children's "identity" from their parents if they think parents will not react the way they want or would try to prevent it.

Schools are now changing how they refer to a student's gender identity at school, including how they dress, bathrooms they use and names they use, but not telling the parents they have done so. A few states have passed laws to make sure parents are informed, and it is this that Jill Biden thinks is a violation of LGBTQ rights.

Third, normal constraints by schools in the states she named should not allow students to be called whatever they want or to use whatever bathroom they want or play a sport as the opposite of their biological gender if it violates the rights of other students. Biden thinks this is a violation of LGBTQ rights because she, like the rest of the left, has come to think that those rights trump everyone's regular rights, but this should not be the case.

Fourth, Biden also said, “In places like Texas and Florida and Alabama, LGBTQ individuals … don’t have the freedom to hold hands with their partner on the sidewalk.” This is patently false, and it's unclear where she got this assertion from.

Making stuff up

In so many cases, the Democrats on the left just make stuff up that sounds good but is actually anything but true. There is no state where laws prevent any couple from holding hands in public, she is just flat-out lying here.

Furthermore, in all the states she mentions, numerous pride parades are held every year in cities like Austin, Birmingham, and Tampa, among many other cities. No one is preventing this.

Biden's last falsehood in this one paragraph says that LGBTQ "freedoms" are under attack. In fact, there has been a rapid expansion of LGBTQ rights since gay marriage became legal.

The truth is, LGBTQ activists routinely attack other people's rights today and demand special privileges for themselves that trample on others' rights.

But if Jill Biden and her cronies on the left acknowledged this, how would they make Republicans look hateful? They can only do that by lying.

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